The Water Day

“You don’t have to buy bottled water to get quality water!

Tap water is very good to drink and is rigorously monitored (40,000 controls/year). It must meet 55 quality criteria.

It costs 40 to 500 times less than bottled water. Drinking it saves an average of €196/year/person!

Tap water does not produce waste and avoids pollution from the production, processing and transport of bottles.

78% of the water distributed in Wallonia comes from underground water reserves that require little treatment. The remaining 22% comes from surface water that is treated for drinking.

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Associations and inter-communal organisations such as the Contrats Rivière Lesse & Haute-Meuse River, Protect eau, SWDE, Inasep, participate in the protection of water quality on our territory.

But also the farmers and finally ourselves, as citizens, can also contribute to the preservation of this vital natural resource.

We invite you to an interactive and convivial day punctuated by exchanges and discoveries.

On the programme :

Meetings, visits, guided walks, workshops for the general public and a show for children.

You will discover :

  • the operation of wastewater treatment plants,
  • the importance of waste separation for watercourses,
  • the (hydro)geological context of the Beauraing catchments and in particular the Tamizon drinking water catchment.
  • the actions of farmers to preserve water quality,
  • the connection works from Florennes to Beauraing,
  • the Way farm

Location : Ferme de Way , rue des Ardennes, 101 – Beauraing

Schedule : 10am to 5pm

Access map and activities :

Schedule of activities :

10am : Opening of activities and registration for farm visits at 11am or 3pm at the reception.

10am and 3pm: Guided GEOPARK walk => Departure from the Restaurant du Castel car park and arrival at the Calvaire reservoir with SWDE presentation.

Walk on paths and tracks (bring walking shoes) – Duration about 2 hours

Online registration required! Limited to 25 people per walk. Click on the button and choose your time: 10am or 3pm.

2pm : Show for children (from 6 years old) ”Eau cassée” by the Chakipesz Theatre Company (duration 45 m).
A plumber is called into the classroom to fix a broken tap. This is the starting point for an interactive and playful show about the water cycle and its states…
Produced with the help of SWDE.

10am>5pm : Stands and Activities on the Way Farm site:

  • Stands River Contracts Lesse and Haute-Meuse Manufacture of ecological products, observation of small animals in the river, model of a water treatment plant, game ”Ici commence la mer”

  • Protect’eau stand : game on water quality preservation actions, model on the functioning of the Tamizon catchment (Beauraing), discovery of the Tamizon catchment (Beauraing) in video, photo report on the water preservation actions implemented by the farmers

Geopark stand : animation on the discovery of the Geopark.

SWDE stand : a water fountain, cycling activity to fill your water bottle.

Wooden games for children.

Refreshment stand and small catering with local products.

10am>5pm EXCEPTIONAL access to the Calvaire reservoir.

Access to the footpath leading to the reservoir, opposite N° 43/45, rue de Luxembourg.

The Calvaire reservoir supplies a large part of Beauraing by gravity.

The SWDE will present the connection work from the reservoir to the drinking water production station in Florennes with a 46 km pipe.

This work will allow up to 1,000 m³ of additional water to be delivered to secure the water supply of Beauraing.

An organisation of Protect eau, the Lesse and Haute-Meuse River Contracts, the Tourist Office and the Cultural Centre of Beauraing, the Famenne-Ardenne Geopark with the participation of the SWDE and the Ferme de Way and the support of the Town of Beauraing.

For more information on the Water Days in Wallonia :

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The event is finished.


26 Mar 2023


10h00 - 17h00
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